Our research and
development facility is located
in a secured confidential
location in California.

ADC (Alternating Direct Current) is a NEW form of energy transmission that upgrades the entire foundation of energy. For 140 years, there has only been two ways of transmitting energy, AC or DC power. ADC Energy is a new THIRD way. With ADC Energy, we now have the potential and capacity to develop a global technology solution to SAFELY battery power an entire building with the equivalent voltage of three 9V batteries. The issues of having to convert energy from one form to another is now a thing of the past. Efficiency increases, safety increases, and overall renewable energy transition can be achieved on existing infrastructure. We consider ADC Energy to be the ideal transitional operating system for renewable energy platforms, upgrading from existing AC power to renewable DC power. On the business side of operations, ADC Energy creates a “private onsite energy service” with potential automated monthly revenues. Multi patented, installed in real world facilities, and now expanding operations, you can be part of global history…

The ADC Energy technology inventor is from a US Military family, a victim of childhood polio, electronics engineer and international business phenomenon. Our team includes specialists and experts from all fields of engineering, law, business, technology, construction, with numerous relationships of global and international scale. We are very grateful for the supporting relationships with global leaders such as NASA Langley Research Center, University of California Davis California Lighting Technology Center, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, National Electrical Contractors Association, Electrical Training Institute, US Green Build Council, and so many others that have helped us to “Power Everyone!”




Our mission is two words,
“Power Everyone.”

Our goal is to deploy clean, safe, sustainable energy to all corners of the globe to all socioeconomic levels.

We at ADC Energy are fully committed to making our technology accessible to everyone. 

Until now, energy distribution has been restricted to using AC power out of necessity. ADC Energy has overcome the critical barriers to using low voltage DC on a much larger scale, creating the possibility of a greener future for all. Our breakthrough technology makes it possible for clean energy to be truly viable as the world standard of power supply.

Together, we will, POWER EVERYONE.



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