ADC is currently working on several projects submitted to the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) to create a “digital” grid utilizing the ADC eco system of Clean DC power solutions. The DOE has issued several notices/warnings indicating that national grid stability and cyber security are national safety concerns. In November of 2020, NREL issued a “Research Roadmap on Grid Forming Inverters” which outlines the critical technology gap between the traditional bulk power system and incorporation of renewable energy resources like solar and wind technologies. More recently, after the State of Texas suffered the worst grid failure in its history, the DOE issued an emergency “100 Day Call for Cybersecurity Solutions.” Again, the DOE is calling attention to the crisis of the stability and security of our national grid infrastructure.

ADC is deeply committed with our working partners to advance “digital” solutions, including ADC Clean DC power, artificial intelligence, advanced controls and modelling systems to provide a resilient solution to our national energy crisis. See Projects and Partners.



The White House has announced its goals to deploy at least 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, and issued multi-billion dollar budgets to support the transportation sector to deploy electric vehicles, and incorporating them as part of the newly envisioned grid. Cars and utilities are now combined.

ADC has designed and is currently developing its near commercial ready “Instacharge” solution which utilizes a pure “DC to DC” charging technology, without traditional rectifier, conversion factor.

Benefits include:

Flexible multi-voltage generation input from solar or other available clean generation.

Instacharge utilizing Clean DC Power allows near instant charge of all battery cells simultaneously with little to no overheating from traditional charging technology.

Easy to install “Islands of Instacharge” stations which primarily rely upon solar panels and/or alternative clean generation to provide the ADC Clean DC Power solution.



The heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry is advancing its clean energy goals, and early DC variable speed units are being deployed. However, the issue remains the same as to energy use, generation, and efficiency.

ADC’s Clean DC Power solution provides operational voltages at 24vDC to 48vDC which is more than sufficient to operate basic electronic appliances. Manufacturers are realizing the critical need to utilize “DC to DC” solutions, relying upon DC power generated from solar panels on rooftops or community microgrids.

HVAC consumption can range anywhere from 40-60% of a building’s energy consumption. As “electrification” of properties continues to proliferate, and Clean DC Power solution to reduce and potentially eliminate this 60% energy consumption is on the ADC horizon.


Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 8.01.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 8.01.38 PM.png

ADC has proven and continues to develop Extreme Solar Harvesting. Within the ADC ecosystem of Clean DC Power, solar panels can now “harvest” solar energy during off peak, times and less than ideal conditions. Current state of the art panels generally only harvest solar energy with ideal angles, on cloudless days, and during the peak 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. time periods.

ADC has already proven its Extreme Solar Harvesting in numerous laboratory real life tests reflecting Clean DC Power can harvest and utilize energy generated on solar panels as early as 5:45 a.m., and as late as 8:03 p.m.


Projected 90% increased production in expanded 14 hour period.

Projected 50% less solar panels required

Existing solar panels are more productive, projected increased performance of 90% when considering expanded operating time windows and under cloud cover.

Solar panels are more resilient and have expanded lifetime operations.

Underperforming or panels suffering wear and tear can have a “refresh” of operational performance.






If you used your phone, social media or the internet today, you utilized the services of a data center. Studies reflect that data centers are one of the largest consumers of global energy, estimated at over 205 TERA watts, or 1% of global consumption of all energy.

ADC is currently engaged in confidential development of data center solutions to provide not only long term energy savings solutions via sustainable energy, but also resilient, secure and reliable energy solutions to replace the traditional emergency diesel generators.

Data centers are the epitome of the digital world, and ADC’s Clean DC Power is a digital solution.

Our mission is two words,
“Power Everyone.”

Our goal is to deploy clean, safe, sustainable energy to all corners of the globe to all socioeconomic levels.

We at ADC Energy are fully committed to making our technology accessible to everyone. 

Until now, energy distribution has been restricted to using AC power out of necessity. ADC Energy has overcome the critical barriers to using low voltage DC on a much larger scale, creating the possibility of a greener future for all. Our breakthrough technology makes it possible for clean energy to be truly viable as the world standard of power supply.

Together, we will, POWER EVERYONE.



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