PROJECT: “DC TO DC” Electrification of Building Loads 

Project Partners: The Electrical Training Institute, National Electrical Contractors Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, RMS Consulting Services


The Electrical Training Institute is the largest national training facility of its kind, jointly operated by NECA (60,000 contractor company members) and IBEW (750,000 electrician members).  ADC will showcase and commercialize the world's first "DC to DC" hybrid transmission, which distributes low voltage (24vDC) distribution directly from solar panels to loads (lighting and controls), without traditional energy conversion. We are grateful for this unique opportunity to work with and support the ETI, NECA and IBEW's workforce development and promote climate sustainability. 

ADC’s Project Partners include: 



Project Partner: NASA Langley Research Center


IN SITU RESOURCES UTILIZATION” is a joint project with NASA Langley Research Center which started in 2017. After evaluating ADC performance test results, NASA issued a signed, written validation of ADC technology in December of 2019. Due to the pandemic of 2020, the installation and operation of ADC in an actual ISRU site on NASA Langley Research Center Facilities has been delayed, but continues to remain pending.


Project PartnersNASA, MIT, Stanford SLAC National Laboratory, Instant Access Networks, Emerge Alliance, CA Energy Alliance, Terry Boston, LLC, INCOSE, and more...


GRID FORM CONSORTIUM: ADC is a member of a National Consortium of stakeholders, universities, national laboratories, and commercial technology companies providing a national solution to resolve grid stability with seamless and safe incorporation of distributed energy resources into the bulk power system.

ADC’s Project Partners include:

NASA Langley Research Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Oklahoma State University
University of Tennessee
Northeastern University
Tuskegee University
Idaho National Laboratory
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Terry Boston, LLC
Instant Access Networks, LLC
Emerge Alliance
California Energy Alliance
International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE)
Southern California Edison
RMS Consulting Services, LLC






The same National Consortium is also preparing a submission for overall climate sustainability solutions to the U.S. Dept. of Energy. The proposed upgrades to existing energy paradigms include a digital "grid" which incorporates distributed energy resources in the bulk power system utilizing ADC's hybrid transmission, but without traditional inverter disruption, sub synchronous resonance, voltage and frequency intermittency. Simply, by providing the best of renewable energy, working side by side with the existing grid infrastructure, ADC allows breakthrough transition to a green, sustainable climate.


Project details are CONFIDENTIAL, but in general, ADC is supporting a university and national laboratory led effort to address and solve cyber security threats to the U.S. utilities sector.
This project is jointly led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oklahoma State University, and includes Idaho National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Our mission is two words,
“Power Everyone.”

Our goal is to deploy clean, safe, sustainable energy to all corners of the globe to all socioeconomic levels.

We at ADC Energy are fully committed to making our technology accessible to everyone. 

Until now, energy distribution has been restricted to using AC power out of necessity. ADC Energy has overcome the critical barriers to using low voltage DC on a much larger scale, creating the possibility of a greener future for all. Our breakthrough technology makes it possible for clean energy to be truly viable as the world standard of power supply.

Together, we will, POWER EVERYONE.



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